Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

Last nights quiz

Published on 22/11/2023

Alma, Sidcup, DA14

Last night was all about Mat’s New Fun pub quiz Tuesday Special 🤩 the next quiz will be on Monday the 4th of December for our first of 2 festive quizzes 🤩🤩 8pm start time and the cards pot will be starting at £0.00 as this will be won on every quiz, don’t forget they the quiz is now twice a month, see our socials for the dates

The winning team now wins £50 in cash on every quiz 🤩🤩 plus there are many other prizes to be won in the envelopes for the teams that come in 2nd and 3rd place and the team that come in last get to have a rummage in Mat’s Sack Magique 🤩

Rock, paper, scissors, Spock and lizard, will it happen? Will it not? Let’s see what mood Mat is in haha, it didn’t lol

The winners were:
5th place, Bill & Ben the flower pot men who won 2 shots on the heads or tails mini game and as they came last also won a rummage each in the Sack Magique
4th place, No idea sex bombs, they also won the first line on bingo, the second and the full house! 🤩
3rd place was joint between Hairy Toes who won a pile of magazines from the envelopes and Rectal exam board who won a rummage each in the sack from the envelopes 🤩
2nd place, Trevors Angels and won £5 cash from the envelopes 🤩
1st place went to Mat & Ronnie the men who put camp into Campanology, who won the best team name and won the £50 cash 🤩🤩

The quiz start time is 8pm…ish, £3 each and max team size of 6, do remember that the more you have on your team the better 🤩🤩 it does help if you book a table so we know how many will be coming 🤩

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623