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Menabrea 0623

Last nights quiz

Published on 28/03/2023

Alma, Sidcup, DA14

Last night was all about Mat’s Fun pub quiz 🤩 the pot started at £1110! Which meant the winning team got a monetary amount for each question they got right, play your cards right was not won, despite the many efforts 🤣🤣🤣 as it wasn’t won it will be carrying over with the pot being £35! 🤩

Once the prizes were paid out last night the pot for next weeks quiz will start at £1110

Rock, paper, scissors, Spock and lizard, we will get the hang of it 🤣🤣 well Mat might one week hahaha

The winners were….see below 🤩

The scores were:
7th place, Knot in a hole and won a rummage each in the sack 🤩
6th place, We don’t have one but did win the full house on bingo 🤩
5th place, The minus onec@nts 🤩
4th place, Put your daffodildo between my twolips, obvs they won the best team name 🤣🤩
3rd place, The muckin fuddlers and won £50 cash in the envelopes 🤩
2nd place, The cocks, shuttle, stop, ball, weather and the biggest Matt…..Hancock and won the first line on the bingo and for 2 in the envelopes 🤩
1st place went to Hairy ball sack, they also won the 2 lines on the bingo 🤩 they went for the questions, wouldn’t you for over £1000! and got all the way to question 2! so they did win £10! the question that got them was ‘which country produces the most coffee in the world? They said Kenya, The answer was Brazil 🤩 there is always next week 🤩🤩

So each and every week the quiz start time is 8pm, £3 each and max team size of 6, do remember that the more you have on your team the better 🤩🤩 see you all next week

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623