Be aware!

Published on 11/03/2023

Alma, Sidcup, DA14

At 00:06 today 3 young lads, who were dressed head to toe in black with their hoods pulled up, took it upon themselves to tip over our industrial sized bin and narrowly missing Corrina’s car!! They then walked past the pub banging the windows whilst the staff were closing down!

As you can imagine we are absolutely fuming, they also seem to have worked out the zones that are set on our cctv as to not trigger off the lights, but unfortunately for you, you have been caught in the act by our cameras and the police have been contacted, there has been some strange going’s on in Alma Road for the past 2/3 weeks with reports being of 2/3 young lads all dressed in black banging doors and windows, moving bins etc only difference is no one caught them on camera, but we have!

Please keep your eyes open people and if you do live in the surrounding area then please change the settings on your cctv to get more coverage, due to the seemingly younger age of these 3 we won’t be showing the cctv on here, the police will be dealing with it themselves

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