Two pubs closing a day

18 September 2023

We’re not gonna lie, this sort of news is just so hard to read. Terrible for everyone. Licensees. Regulars. Pub lovers. Tax payers.

That’s why our mission to help pubs is even more important than ever. In fact, it fires us up even more. We promise you, we will continue to do everything we can to help you find pubs, visit pubs and spend more money in them. You’ll have an altogether better life and pubs will put just a little bit more of your hard earned money in their tills.

Start following all your favourite pubs and we’ll tell you what’s happening, where and when. You can even share your own pub maps with your friends and get them to share theirs too. That way, we’ll all go to the pub more often, and this sort of news will soon be tomorrow’s fish & chip paper.

To the pub!

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