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Lichfield Arts joined 18/10/2013


Lichfield Arts is an independent charitable organisation that has promoted music concerts, festivals and other events in Lichfield since 1974. The organisation plays a key role in Lichfield district’s thriving arts and creative community and has around 300 members including 125 registered volunteers.

Lichfield Arts is nationally recognised for the promotion of artistic excellence from both our existing heritage and also new and innovative work. The organisation has a distinctive cultural offer which is presented in an informal and accessible way for the whole local community and visitors to the district to enjoy.

Every year Lichfield Arts puts on 50 concerts covering the genres of Folk, Jazz, Blues, Acoustic, Roots music and more plus dance, comedy, theatre and other events. The organisation also promotes 5 festivals (Winter Beer festival, RAJB, Fuse, Oktoberfest, Roots and Folk) and provides private bars for many local events.

Lichfield Arts aims to support the development of local musicians and performers. Key parts of this are the Fuse Outreach Project, which runs in schools and local community groups every year, numerous workshops at many of our events and concerts featuring local artists.