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Church Road, Rufford, L40 1TB
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  • Hesketh Arms

    0.4 miles
    81 Liverpool Road, Rufford, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 1SB
    20/12/2012 NOT Recommended Awful Place, Awful Food Awful Serv
    • 1.0
    — WARNING to anyone living around Rufford, not far from Ormskirk, Holmeswood, Mawdesley, Croston or Mere Brow in Lancashire think twice before patronizing the Hesketh Arms Public House & Restaurant on the corner of Liverpool Road, (A59)Rufford, Lancashire L40 1SB, and Holmeswood Road, L40. See: This establishment is a total disgrace..... My parents who are now in their 80's decided that they wanted to dine in there for my Dad's Birthday he was 82yrs of age today (20th December 2012), it is a pub local to where I live. My Mum, Dad, Daughter Karlie and I all ordered Fresh Fish, Mushy Peas and Chips (French Fries). When ordering I made it quite clear that it was the fish and chips without the batter on, that we all wanted. When the meals came, they brought battered fish and chips, disgustingly dry and stuck to the plate mushy peas and cold chips. We told the waiter that this was NOT what we had ordered, so he offered to take the food back to the kitchen to replace it with the un-battered fish which had ordered. To our horror, the chef had removed the batter from the fish and just left the bits of fish in a heap on each plate, with the same disgusting mushy peas and cold chips. Basically what they brought was a total mess on the plate, all flakes of scraped out fish strewn all over the plate, none of the bits resembling fillets of fish. It ruined my Dad's 82nd birthday, he couldn't eat any of it, it was horrid and cold and a disgrace. The staff charged me £54.97 for this. I had to order the food at the bar and pay for the food at the bar, none of the normal ordering food at the table. None of us ate the food, we just got up leaving the drinks before even finishing them and left, we could not bear to stay in the place a minute longer than was necessary. The staff didn't even apologize. What was even more hideous was the fact that my Dad asked the waiter if they had just scraped the batter off the fish and brought the same disgusting rubbish back to the table, and the waiter, stood there and blatantly admitted that YES this is exactly what the chef had done! Can you believe the sheer audacity of it? When my father heard that they had charged me, he got up from his seat, and hobbled across to the bar on his walking stick to insist on a refund for the food at least, agreeing to leave our address at the bar, to cover the legalities of being accused of leaving the pub without paying, which is tantamount to theft. We told the staff that we will never be back again and that we were disgusted by the disrespectful manner and sheer contempt in which we were all treated. It took Karlie and I, 15 minutes to persuade my parents to agree to driving over to the Eagle & Child Pub and Restaurant in Bispham Green, see: and having a meal in there instead, finally they agreed so we phoned the Eagle & Child and the new manager Stuart answered, we told him what had happened and he was horrified, he kindly offered to stay behind and prepare some food for us, himself personally, the chef had already left after finishing the lunch shift. We all drove over the Eagle & Child and we were treated like Royalty, Stuart allowed us to have anything we wanted from the lunch menu. The food we had was fabulous as always and they saved the day for my Dad. But only for the kindness of the Eagle & Child today would have been a total disaster and completely ruined for my poor Dad. If businesses do NOT respect their customers they don't deserve to have any, and for every customer you abuse, you will almost certainly end up losing 10 customers, since the abused customer will always warn people off patronizing the said business. The service was atrocious, the food disgusting, the atmosphere was horrid, the music was so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk, we had to ask for the music to be lowered, they just switched the music right off, so that made the place even less atmospheric, we couldn't win! In essence I have to say here that the Hesketh Arms seems to have no idea whatsoever in how to run a restaurant or look after customers, they had a blasé, couldn't care less, sloppy, arrogant, unprofessional, audacious totally disrespectful attitude, that made you feel like you were dirt on the floor, the contempt was rife, and it was like having slops thrown at you. No way will my family ever go back to the Hesketh Arms again but we will be going back the Eagle & Child in Bispham Green, and a huge thank you to Stuart and his staff at the Eagle & Child for saving the day and treating us with respect, the food was as always fabulous, unlike the atrocious Hesketh Arms. The food at the Hesketh Arms was so bad that even the NAAFI or a Formica tabled Greasy Spoon diner wouldn't have served it. So our verdict = minus 2 million, Zero stars, for food, service and ambience. Steer clear if you know what is good for you!
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  • Black Bull

    2 miles
    Hall Lane, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 2QY

    This pub has been closed for some time whilst being renovated.

1 - 4 of 4 Results