Manor Drive, Burton upon Trent, DE14 3RW

A stylish, modern Oyster bar and eclectic restaurant in an 11th-century abbey with a beautiful historic riverside terrace.

A gorgeous riverside location, The Winery is a stunning bar and restaurant steeped in history which has been carefully renovated to the highest standard whilst embracing every aspect of its past. The Winery is set within the Abbey and was first established in 650AD for religious uses. Since then it has a colourful past as a religious college, parish use and home to ‘The Master of the Infirmary’. From 1910 the building was taken over by the Burton Club who transformed it into a public house ‘The Abbey Inn’, eventually developing into the wonderful bar and restaurant it is today.

The new Winery menus reflect our passion and love of fresh produce and also seafood. We’ve found the very best suppliers providing us with the very best produce. We then prepare these for you in our favourite dishes, or, if you prefer, try some of them raw at our Oyster Bar! Have a look and then come and try for yourself;