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Corona Virus (Disaster)

Published on 16/03/2020

Corona Virus (Disaster)

Dear Customers,

Hope you all are safe and may god protect us all in this difficult time. "Specially our parents and elderly"

I would like to make everyone aware that we have taken all the measures to keep the Pub clean & hygiene standards are high to make sure everyone who visit our pub feel comfortable and safe. After today's announcement we are a bit worried.Things have not been good since Jan & Feb because of the uncertainty and Corona Virus disaster. It will damage and finish the business if it will continue. We are trying our best to keep the pub going but we are just human. We would request all our local people to use the pub in the difficult times, we know the government is advising otherwise.
As everyone knows we do take-away service, so even if you don't want to come-in at least use the collection. We will keep you updated if we decide to close the Pub.


Shekhar Nailwal