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Tracey Baines Leaving [Expired]

Published on 29/02/2020

The committee of the Stocksbridge Legionnaires club has lost one of its hardest working members. Tracey has had to give up her place on the committee to concentrate on her business. Whilst we thank Tracey for all her hard work she has put in turning the club around, this does leave the committee in desperate need of new members. The simple fact of the matter is that without new members on the committee helping run Bingo sell raffle tickets etc the club will have to cease with Bingo etc as the few members that are left haven't the time to do it all. After this happens it will be no use complaining that there is no bingo as its in the members hands to help for what is a couple of hours a month. If four people volunteer it means once a month they will be asked to help out. And the committee are flexible and understand people do have other commitments arise after they have given word they will help out on a specific date and we will try and accommodate where possible. We are not a bad bunch to work with (except me !!) Give it a go you might find you enjoy it.