Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Belgian Beer is widely recognised as the pinnacle of the brewing process and we have embraced the Belgian Style. Adopting traditions and processes whilst developing and pushing boundaries to supply the growing appetite for craft/artisan beers.

We are Brewing in North East Scotland, six°north of Brussels. Blessed with pure, soft water and fields abound with high quality barley.

We won’t tamper with nature’s intent. All our beers are unfiltered and carbonated naturally through secondary fermentation.

We love Beer too. These processes provide the aspirational drinker with a live, full and uncompromising experience that will continually evolve.

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jerome summers

7 months ago

Me and my son came here and were not outstanding. The smoke n soul burger was off the scale, the brisket soo tender. My boy had the bbq brisket melt sandwich and it was stuffed with tender brisket, he loved it. We shared a large plate of poutine also, again very tasty. I washed it all down with the wanderlust wheat beer and the dragon fruit sour beer. This place is great, cracking food, banging beers..I gave a 4 for atmosphere so you continually strive for perfection 😄. Shall of course be back, next time I'm in Aberdeen.

Regan Roberts

7 months ago

Pretty damn good poutine! I was surprised! A really nice and tasty gravy over actual cheese curds and chips. I had a pilsner with it. It was good. Not great, but good. The staff I interacted with were very nice people and helpful in that they answered my questions with a smile. I just had a small poutine, but now I want to go back and get a big one with brisket on it! 😋 I don't eat out often, but I can see myself coming back here soon.

Andrew Mckernan

7 months ago

Smoke and soul is amazing! The smoke house nights are fantastic, well worth it. The bar is nice, its looking good now they have spruced it all up. Theres a huge selection of craft beers and ciders. We tried abut half of them. The staff a really good too, they offered us tastes of anything before we ordered our pints

Morgan Johnstone

1 year ago

Nice bright bar with plenty seating options upstairs or down. Lots of beers to chose from. I like to try a few thirds so can try different beers.

Adrian Rose

1 year ago

A brief visit for an early solo dinner. I had the poutine with added brisket, and their own branded lager. The poutine was surprisingly authentic for not being in Canada, but could have used a little more gravy. The lager was good. Service efficient. I enjoyed what I had.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623