An artfully social bar where conversational cocktails are served alongside live jazz and Gerald’s Scarfe's collection of original and one-off paintings.

Cocktail recipes? I’ll give you a cocktail recipe. Take one boring old book, fill with a bunch of posh tweeds and celebrity attention-seekers and drop in a few pretentious ingredients no one’s ever heard of. Muddle with the superior sketches of a totally genius (and handsome) cartoonist et voilà – perfection on ice, shaken not stirred.

Cocktails have got layers, the bartenders here tell me. They’re full of secrets and surprises. So I’ve got a little surprise for you here, too. I’ve added a few layers of my own to this dust-gatherer of a book. A little Scarfination has improved many a dull tome.

Oh, I know I’ve got a bar named after me, blah blah. But a whole book of cocktails inspired by all the main people and events in recent history since the Millenium, and no one thought to celebrate little old me? No Gerald Martini? No fruity Scarfarita? No Scarfe Island Iced Tea or even a Bloody Scarfey? Well I’ll show you, the pen is mightier than the shaker...


  • Cocktail bar
  • Food
  • Real fire