Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Reflex in Broad Street, the best party in Brum. Playing tunes from the 80's and 90's. Great prices on the best drinks, cocktails and bombs. Have a sing in our private karaoke booth or just have a wicked night out with friends.
And don't forget we Feed The Pigeon every Friday.


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Chris S

5 months ago

The black bouncer lied and said there was a complaint about me two weeks ago? Then asked me to leave. He asked the other bouncer and that guy would not back him up (funny). I see there are other complaints about this guy totally misusing the little power he has. Never had a problem in there before this

Alex Green

5 months ago

A great night out, the last time I came here was for my Xmas works do. The music is very loud and this will make your ears ring badly if you stay inside for long periods . If the place is rammed, good luck getting served at the bar. You need to pay a fee on the door to get in


6 months ago

As a paraplegic I always worry before heading out as you never know how people are going to treat you, so I’d like to give a big shout out to the door staff/security for making me feel welcome and like there was nothing wrong with me, they went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and didn’t have to stand for any longer than I had too, the bar staff were also brilliant and accommodating, the atmosphere was great and it was just overall a really nice night, thanks reflex and staff for making me feel welcome♥️ I can’t wait to come back again


7 months ago

If minus figures were an option this would get minus 100! I saw security man handle a girl. Then when I asked what they were doing they said that she was being horrible to me which she wasn’t and that was a lie. I felt so much for the girl and what I had witnessed that I went to talk to her to see if she was ok and tell her what they had said to me. The management and venue should be ashamed of themselves! They are a disgrace. This place is best avoided.

John Reid

10 months ago

Great afternoon in reflex on Saturday. The music was awesome, great atmosphere, all drinks half price between 3-8pm and the staff were amazing. Very quick service. Had a great time. Only downer was the Heineken draft had not been cleaned for a while so it had a bad taste to it and in the afternoon I just fancied a couple of pints but just went onto bottles as it was half price

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623