257 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FT

The Maze has in recent years become somewhat of a legendary venue. Mixing a host of underground club nights and alternative band nights as well as dabbling in theatre, comedy and poetry nights, it has become a linchpin in the ever growing music community

A strong supporter of local bands, The Maze hosts regular gigs for local musicians and has had some of the Midland’s finest talents grace it’s stage. Acts such as Jake Bugg, Dog Is Dead, Natalie Duncan and Liam Bailey were all regular guests to the Maze in their early days.

Standing to one side of the crowd is what the Maze has always been good at; looking to the leftfield and throwing a party have been our specialties since current owner Ben Brettell and his management team took over in 2007.

Currently The Maze hosts many regular nights, aiming to give people a different experience from anywhere else in the city. Nights such as Perdition vs Violated (metal/rock club night), Revolution Sounds (ska, reggae and punk), Smokescreen (house), Batronic (alt/goth), Cosmic American (Americana, country and folk) and many other nights showcasing genres such as gypsy jazz, funk, techno, house, Balkan, indie, rock and experimental happen on a monthly basis at the Maze.

If you are looking for a welcoming, safe, friendly place to party or hoping to discover the music scene in both Nottingham and the UK you would be well advised to visit The Maze and open your mind to the wonders of modern