Pubs & bars in City Centre, Manchester, Lancashire
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Trying to find pubs in City Centre that have DJ's? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got every pub and bar in the UK listed. Whether you’re looking for a pub or bar to play darts, somewhere to play pool or just want to have a look at a menu before you go, we can help.

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  • Churchill

    1.7 miles
    37 Chorlton Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 3HN

    Churchill in Manchester has aircon. The pub has a beer garden, it has a car park. Churchill has disabled facilities. The pub is a family friendly pub, it has a function room that can be booked. Churchill has an outside area. The pub has a smoking area, it has free WiFi. Churchill shows live comedy. The pub has DJ's, it has karaoke. Churchill has live music events. The pub has a pool table, it shows football on TV. Churchill shows rugby on TV. The pub has terrestrial TV.

  • Joshua Brooks

    1.7 miles
    106 Princess Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 6NG

    Joshua Brooks in Manchester serves food. The pub has free WiFi, it has DJ's. Joshua Brooks shows rugby on TV.

  • Mutz Nutz

    1.8 miles
    105-107 Princess Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 6DD

    Mutz Nutz in Manchester has DJ's. The pub has karaoke.

  • Baa Bar

    1.9 miles
    Whitworth Street West, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 5LH

    Baa Bar in Manchester has accommodation. The pub has a beer garden, it has an outside area. Baa Bar has DJ's. The pub has karaoke.

  • Dry Bar

    1.9 miles
    28 Oldham Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 1JN
    Dry Bar

    Whilst DRY still feels modern and contemporary, its history still flows within and the main features of the bar still remain

  • Kiely's Irish Bar

    2.1 miles
    1 Watson Street, Great Northern Square, Manchester, Lancashire, M3 4EE
    Kiely's Irish Bar

    A fantastic venue offering All Live Sports, Live Music, Irish Dancing, Famous Faces and the best pint of Guinness you could hope to find outside of Ireland!

    20/12/2018 This week at Kiely's — Join us at KIELY’S for great live music and sports! It's going to be a cracker of a week... 🎄 🥂 🎶 🎅 🍻 ⭐️THURSDAY 20 DECEMBER 8.30pm 🎶 Green Hot Clover 🎸 ⭐️FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER 6.30pm 🎶 Tiernan Heffron 🎸 8.00pm Wolves V Liverpool 9.30pm 🎶 Paddy Ryan 🎸 ⭐️SATURDAY 22 DECEMBER 12.30pm Arsenal V Burnley 5.30pm Cardiff City V Manchester United 9.30pm 🎶 Molly’s Chambers 🎸 ⭐️SUNDAY 23 DECEMBER 1.30pm Aston Villa V Leeds United 4.00pm Everton V Spurs View story
    20/03/2014 Heineken
    • 5.0
    — Self serve taps, quality and temp good
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    19/03/2014 Amstel
    • 5.0
    — Poor head retention
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    19/03/2014 Heineken
    • 5.0
    — Nice pint
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  • Odd

    2.1 miles
    30-32 Thomas Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 1ER

    Odd in Manchester has a cocktail bar. The pub serves food, it has a function room that can be booked. Odd has DJ's. The pub has live music events.

    05/05/2015 Birra Moretti
    • 5.0
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    05/05/2015 Heineken
    • 5.0
    — Good liquid but poorly poured
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    24/01/2015 Birra Morretti
    • 5.0
    — Very good for both moretti and Heineken. correct glass, great head retention, clarity and taste.
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  • Bar 21

    2.1 miles
    10 Thomas Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 1DH
    Bar 21

    TV21 is your ‘home away from home’, with relaxed seating, great food, an extensive bar and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, it's a great place to simply chill out !

  • Revolución de Cuba

    2.1 miles
    11 Peter Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 5QR
    Revolución de Cuba

    The world’s finest rums and Manchester’s biggest fiesta. Two floors of dancing, Latin-inspired dining and live music just off Deansgate. You’ve arrived in Havana.

    19/09/2014 Amstel
    • 5.0
    — Well served pint by knowledgeable bar staff
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  • 42's

    2.1 miles
    2 Bootle Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 5GU

    42's in Manchester has DJ's. The pub has karaoke, it has live music events.

  • Opus

    2.2 miles
    27 Withy Grove, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 2BS

    Opus in Manchester has a function room that can be booked. The pub shows live comedy, it has DJ's. Opus has karaoke. The pub has live music events, it has a pool table. Opus holds quiz nights. The pub shows football on TV.

  • Lounge on 12

    2.3 miles
    18-22 Bridge Street, Spinningfields, Manchester, Lancashire, M3 3BZ
    Lounge on 12

    Inside Manchester House lies a very special experience for both food lovers and lovers of a life with a view.

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