Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Formerly Trades Bar, KAOS Bar refurbished everything and threw its doors open to everyone who appreciates an excellent nightclub! As a Gay Bar, we encourage a safe environment and an excellent atmosphere where you and your friends can really have a great night out...

When we say that the Sound and Lights systems are amazing, they really are - come and see!!! Come and hear!!! On the KAOS Bar dance floor, the music really kicks - the sound is rich and full, and you'll really appreciate the skills of our Celebrity DJs!!!

With our "Industrial" decor, KAOS is Dedicated to Clubbing, there are lots of video screens around the bar, we have a cash machine and gaming machines, our staff are fun, efficient, and friendly so you'll be very welcome at KAOS Bar, and - very important - we have Low, Low Drinks Prices!!!.

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Scott Kennedy

1 year ago

very good bar load great music cheaper Lagers Staff Very Friendly door staff Thank you 😁👌🏳️‍🌈🍷🥃

Adam Mclean

1 year ago

Great venue, lots of entertainment, great night out


1 year ago

I actually had a really good time in there. DJ was so friendly, met loads of really nice people. However, I’d come outside for a couple minutes with one or the girls I met whilst she had a smoke. She’s gone back in first however I stayed out a couple minutes more as I was chatting to some other people. When I went to go back in one of the security started having a go at me and wouldn’t let me back in. I asked him why and what I’ve done to not be let in. Fair enough if he had a reason but he didn’t. Think he just enjoys the power. I explained to him that all of the people I was with were inside and so were all my belongings. At first he wasn’t bothered he then got the other guard to ‘watch me’ go get my things. Luckily it was close to closing time so everyone came out about 10 minutes later. This man completely ruined a good night. Baring in mind I was out alone as I’d had an argument with my partner and the only people I knew were inside. This club needs new security guards.

Neil Hargreaves

1 year ago

One of our party was refused entry based on the fact that she now has a different hairstyle and eye lashes to her driver's license photo. Ok,fair enough if that's what you want. Then all 7 of us will go.....however,I had already paid for us all and was refused a refund because "6 of you can come in, just not that 1" the quote from the manager that was hiding in the back and refused to speak to me in person. Keep my money, I'll earn some more. Clearly it was empty for a reason.


1 year ago

Don't drink the brandy

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623