Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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At the heart of Dundee Contemporary Arts is one of the best culinary and party hangouts the east coast has to offer.


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Anne Marie Walker

6 months ago

Rediculously small portions re main course for a Christmas Eve celebration meal. Miserly small portions were served to us for dinner. From the mains on the normal menu, not the Christmas menu, we both selected braised ox cheek beef featherblade of beef with mash, bacon (which was literally non detectable on the dish), carrot and onion jus at £16:95 each. We were both very disappointed when it arrived at the table, it was a small lump in the middle of the plate with a few carrots around it. It should be on their lights meals section of the menu. It was like a decent sized starter. I have had a tapas dish with similar ingredients at another restaurant nearby which was easily the same size as this main course. It was a total rip off. I do also go to more expensive restaurants which can charge a lot but as long as you get a normal sized portion you don’t mind. When there is a starter menu, a lights menu and a mains menu to choose from, then you expect the main course selection to be a normal main sized portion. It was far from a normal portion, it was very small. I wish I had taken photos. After taking a bout 5 minutes to eat the dish we finished our bottles of Prosecco and realised no one was coming to ask how it was or if we wanted to order a desert. We then got our bill at the desk, as did not want to order anything further in case it was equally disappointing; not that a waiter or waitress came near us anyway as clearly there was a severe lack of staff. We will not be back to the noisy, disappointing and inattentive Jute Cafe - we left hungry and dissatisfied 😡

Caroline Morgan

6 months ago

Mushroom tartlet does not exist! Different dish entirely. Beef feather blade consisted of small bits of fatty beef, hardly any veg. Staff worked hard to delivery overpriced and in my view poor quality food. Very disappointing works Xmas meal. When catering for a large party don’t eek out food.

Jane Ward

6 months ago

Great atmosphere and venue. Service excellent. Food could be improved. Mushroom tartlet not as expected. Three volaveunts with about 2-3 slices of mushroom. The mushroom was delicious but not enough. A tartlet would suggest a small pastry tart with mushrooms. Light bite option 2 Thai fishcakes. Poor. More like a tasteless potato with a tiny amount of fish mashed in. Smoked haddock bon bons not much better. The brushetta with mashed avocado and prawns soggy. The concept was good but poorly executed.

Hans Grabowski

8 months ago

Tiny portions now (they have gradually become worse but are now ridiculously small), expensive, items missing from dish, had to go for another meal afterwards and we’re not greedy. Restaurant was cold. Had to pay £20 upfront to book the table. £40 for two meals and one desert, no drinks.

Ashley Williams

10 months ago

Some serious staff training needed in hospitality. Service was incredibly slow and nonchalant throughout, ordered 4 adults mains and 1 kids meal on the app advertised to order through when seated outside, receive a conformation email that the order has been accepted. Time passes, 35 minutes in total before we go to the bar to ask about where the meals are to be told the app isn't working today. Why didn't they tell us when they gave us the menus or delivered drinks outside? So they manually take our order after a couple of 'sorry about that' etc etc. Kids meal we asked to come out ASAP as it was pitta and houmous which was relatively quick to be fair. 25 minutes after the order was manually taken head back in to ask where the mains are to 2 staff at the restaurant desk not doing anything 'the app isn't working' to which I noted we know and ordered manually after a 35 minute wait. They call the kitchen to work out where the food is, 5 minutes after this we receive the food which was OK but we were waiting on an additional side. At no point where apologies sincere, or were we offered anything for the inconvenience, just the impression it didn't really matter. Dine elsewhere if you are eating in the West End. So many hospitality basics just missed.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623