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Monday Draught Beer Promotion

Valid from 11/12/2019 to 10/12/2020

Monday Draught Beer Promotion

We are happy to announce the continuation of our Members Draught beer promotion on a Monday during normal opening hours. Here is a reminder of the rules.

'All draught beers to Members at £2.75 a pint during normal opening hours on a Monday only'

Rules are as follows:-
- This discount is only available on a Monday during normal opening hours.

- The offer is only available to Members who have on them a valid and paid up HVC Membership card. You will be asked to produce your Membership card.
- If a Member brings a guest into the Club the guest will not be eligible for the discount and will pay normal Club prices. Only the Members draught beer will be eligible for the discount.
- The Committee can change the rules or products on offer as they see fit.
- This discount is not available to Associate Members from other CIU Clubs.
- The Committees decision is final.