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Heverlee 0623

Armchair Beer Festival Deliveries

Published on 17/01/2021

Hallcross, Doncaster, DN1


With the Governments policy on beer collections from pubs creating no end of confusion we are leaving our collection service until the situation has been clarified. Do not worry because beer deliveries will continue and we can bring your favourite beers direct to your front door. This will give all you fantastic lovers of real ale out there a chance to sample some of the country's best brews as our Armchair Beer Festival moves into its third week.

We've managed to source some new beers from around the country as well as bringing back some of your firm favourites.

So, check out the list and pick what you want. Remember we are taking pre orders and the beer is in limited supply so let us know as soon as possible

The only way to enjoy a pint of real ale now the pubs have been forced to close. The bag in a box service is perfect for all those who still want to enjoy a pint or three at home but wants to avoid fizzy beer from bottles, mini kegs or cans.

Deliveries are on Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime so it’s there in time and perfect for the weekend. Remember, order two boxes and you get free delivery.

Delivery is now every Friday between 4pm and 8pm and Saturday 12-2.30pm.

This weeks guests are

Salopian ‘Iridescence’ 5.6% Raspberry Wheat beer

Blue Monkey ‘Guerrilla Stout’ 4.9%

Beartown ‘Kahuna’ 4.5% NZ IPA

All our regular beers are also available-

Stocks ‘Old Horizontal’
Stocks ‘Select’
Stocks ‘St Leger Gold’
Abbeydale ‘Moonshine'

All available in the following size boxes

Our beers
5 pints £12
9 pints £20
18 pints £38
36 pints also available

5 pints from £13
9 pints from £22
18 pints from £41

Delivery charges apply on single orders.

Message us on Facebook or email us on [email protected]

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Heverlee 0623
Heverlee 0623