Glass House

Milburn House, Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1LF

Let us indulge you in the world of decadent drinks and compelling conversations.

With a vast array of whiskeys, wines and champagnes, Glass House will tempt you into trying something new or to indulge you with your favourite selections.

Located in the magnificent Milburn House, we’ve dramatically renovated and redesigned the interior to retain the decadent feeling of the 1920’s. We bring guests the ultimate drinking experience to enjoy quality world wines, continental beers and an unrivalled selection of the finest whiskeys.

Our outdoor cigar terrace is as luxurious as our interior; sit back and relax on the secluded terrace enjoying our varied selection of cigars to accompany our outstanding range of drinks. At Glass House, we value good company and making everyday a celebration, so raise your glass to what’s inside the glass, rather than the amount of glasses you can consume.