Heverlee 0623
Heverlee 0623

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The Devonshire Hotel, historically one of the most popular pubs in Millom, It's been said, many years ago when the Iron Ore Mines were open, the men came up from the Ironworks and their first stop was the Devon as it’s known locally.

The barman was instructed to pull pints and line them up on the bar for the thirsty workers to down in one when they finished their shift.

To this day the Devon is still iconic, Emma Lupton and Partner Darren Minter took over the pub about over 3 years ago.

It has been totally renovated to create a trendy but personal environment which is going from strength to strength, this was shown when the Devon was awarded Furness Pub of the Season Autumn 2018.

The great thing about the Devon is that it tries to cater for everyone, live music, pub quiz, DJs, live sports, music from all ages.

If you ask the locals they feel like it’s one big happy family.

Emma and the team find it easy to create a warm welcoming atmosphere and at the end of the night it's difficult to leave. Excellent care is taking over their Real ales which people comment on constantly.

They also stock a huge range of great Gins along with many unusual types of spirits.

The pub provides lots of entertainment throughout the year mostly at weekends.

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Heverlee 0623
Heverlee 0623