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Until you can enjoy yourself in a pub with 5 of your mates

Club House

Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED

An ongoing attempt to become the best bar in Manchester. Everyone who walks in becomes a friend in our dive bar. Beers, Cocktails, Spirits, Wines and Soft Drinks available. LETS GOOOOOO

Wanting to create the best bar in Manchester is a pretty big ambition for anyone to take on, especially when the competition is so fierce. Clubhouse is the result of three questionable personalities being smashed together. Adam Keeligan, Joe Bolger and Chris Mullen have been pushing hard to create one of the best cocktail bars around by making as much noise as they can and they have had a lot of fun doing it. Customers quickly get used to being treated as a friend instead of a “guest” and play such an important part of the fun and lively atmosphere that lives there every day. Whether your vibe is chilled, fun, crazy or if you just want to enjoy a quiet drink the don’t worry, there is something for you at Clubhouse.
Nominated “Best New Bar of 2020” by Manchester’s hospitality network, Clubhouse is a strong contender as one of the best dive/cocktail/party bars in Manchester City Centre. If you want to hire a bar in Manchester then you best drop us an email.