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Published on 14/11/2020

Pre-Order now !

Cart & Horses Wasted Year 2020 Album

Former Iron Maiden members and a few special friends have teamed up to create this outstanding album. They have donated their songs to support Cart & Horses during this hard time that all music venues are going through.

Here are all the Artists - Bands and Songs featuring on this amazing Album:

1. Witches Tower - Cris Martin's Rock Dawn Album Ft Blaze Bayley and
Barry Purkis (6.11)
2. Influence - Gypsy’s Kiss (5.52)
3. Guilty - Crimson Lake E.P. version Ft Paul Mario Day (6.27)
4. Power Of One – Lizards, Power of One album Ft Terry Rance (5.11)
5. Mr. K – Buffalo Fish, Ft Terry Wapram from the Soundtrack of the film Untitled (4.08)
6. We Can Win - Tony Moore, Previously unreleased (3.24)
7. The Break Up – Ft Terry Wapram exclusive Cart & Horses track (3.05)
8. Hit and Run - Sam Apple Pie previously unreleased, Ft Tony Parsons (4.58)
9. The Reaper - Airforce Exclusive Cart & Horses version Ft Doug Sampson (5.20)
10. Go Sleep With The Enemy - I Dare Ya! Thunderstick EP version Ft Barry Purkis (3.59)
11. 11. The Land God Gave To Cain - Paul DiAnno's Battlezone Ft Paul DiAnno, (7.20)
12. Love is Blind - Space Chickens, unreleased demo. Ft Ron Matthews & Terry Wapram (4.56)
13. Fallen Hero - Press Gang Ft Tony Parsons previously unreleased (Parsons Archive) (3.34)


Option 1
£15 - Silver version with 12 page booklet.

Option 2
£25 - Gold version with 12 page booklet, at least 2 random signatures from former Iron Maiden members plus 1 special freebie from Cart & Horses.

All orders via PayPal at [email protected] PLEASE Payments as friends/family or please add your fee to the total.
Once the payment is received your name will be added to the booklet.

Post and Package for 1 CD!
UK £2.50 Standard, or £4.50 signed for,
EU £4 Standard, or £9.50 signed for,
USA £5.50 standard, or £10.50 signed for,
We're aiming to release/post the album before Christmas.

Thank you all for the support,
Cart & Horses Troopers