One of the oldest pubs in Cardiff. Renamed from the Cottage to the Cardiff Cottage in 1863.

A Traditional Real Ale House specialising in our own Homemade meals incorporating Genuine Welsh Ale.

When you’re looking for somewhere to eat, meet or sleep, in the city, by the sea or tucked in the wonderful Welsh countryside, there are over 200 Brains pubs, inns and hotels to choose from.

With over 100 years of experience crafting delicious beers our master brewers have perfected the art of ale; our beers include the favourite classic range, the beloved Rev. James trilogy, the experimental flavoured Craft Brewery beers and the ever changing seasonal range.

From the cellar to the stove, and everywhere in between, the Brains family welcomes bright people who want to get out what they put in. So if you’re looking for a pub to run, one to work in, or tenant and corporate opportunities, take a look.