Street food, Sunday roast, pop-ups and food slams; late bar, live music, nightlife; art installations, exhibitions and performances; theatre, comedy and music; arts festivals, event space and galleries, photographic studios.

We are a unique kind of venue. Restaurant, bar, indoor festival site, music venue, pop-up event space, conference location, cultural hub and all-round surprising destination. The building itself is a revelation – a real star. It has the qualities of an industrial film-set, a feat of engineering, a hint of an industrious past. The quality of light in The Furnace is wonderful – a real treat – it really feels like the outdoors, indoors. – A kind of urban park. The interventions in the building don’t ape what exists – and act as inventive and interesting design features without compromising the building’s intergrity. What’s new is new. It’s a bold concept – and one that could only have sprung from the deepest recession in modern times. This capsizing of conventions has let us examine what we thought was important – simplicity, friends and family, collective experience, good quality and warm hospitality. “We’d all enjoyed a decade or so of going to festivals and wondered what it would look like, if we took all of the best bits and brought them together under one roof. It was important to us to retain that outdoor aesthetic, we wanted to keep that feeling of being in a field with your mates, but in a city centre location.” So we based our idea around these themes and wrapped our professional passions into the mix – architecture, music, design, sport, food & drink. At the heart of the development is the Lobby Bar and restaurant – this is our warm welcome to vistors and is the central hub of the building. In neutral shades, punctuated by a punchy green, it’s designed with comforting simplicity – avoiding frills and gimmicks – naked wood, bare bulbs and an oversized wood-burning stove work together to nurture a feeling of cabin culture. Camp and Furnace does have broad appeal – we really wanted that sense of community and coming together as family and friends that we appreciate and yearn for – Tattooed hipsters in skinny jeans mingle easily with outdoorsy grannies harbouring a sense of adventure followed by a tumble of excited grand-kids are a common sight. And we love it like that.