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Caledonian Brewery Sample Cellar

Caledonian Brewery, 42 Slateford Road, Edinburgh, EH11 1PH

Caledonian Brewery has been part of Edinburgh's life for a long time. Well over 140 years, in fact. Time enough for both of us to develop an appreciation of each other's special character.

What’s life for if not for living? And what’s beer for if not for drinking?
At Caledonian Brewery, everything we brew leads to new tastes, experiences and stories.
So saddle up, the adventure starts here.

When it comes to tradition, Deuchars, Edinburgh Castle and The Flying Scotsman
have it in spades. These three undisputed classics broke the mould.
If ever you wish to know why some traditions endure, take a sip.

Crafted to perfection, Three Hop, Coast to Coast and Rare Red will
take you on a taste adventure. Modern to the core, this
trio will be hard to follow, but deeply rewarding to swallow.