It ain’t quite the north face of the Eiger, but if you’ve climbed from the bottom to the summit of Muswell Hill, you’ll have worked up a hearty appetite and in the summertime quite a thirst too. Now the answer to your prayers sits at the top, offering you, your family and your buddies the warmest welcome to the original and best Kansas City-style smokehouse barbecue in London town right here in the heart of the Broadway.

Step inside where you see the sign of the pig, and it’s not just one nation under a porker but you can enjoy every kind of BBQ and grill including USDA Prime Choice Black Angus beef, chicken, burgers, hot dogs and wings, plus shrimp, crayfish, chili and seriously hearty veggie options too — with great deals for kids. And for the grown-ups, as well as a terrific selection of draft and bottled domestic and imported beers and craft ales, our well-stocked bar serves luxury Bourbons and other rare whiskies plus zingy cocktails, many unique to Bodean’s.

With the legendary Kinks among your local Muswell Hillbillies, our original artworks celebrate rock’n’roll icons from Little Richard and Iggy Pop to (and who more appropriate for such a meat-eater’s mecca?) Captain Beefheart. Relaxing in our in ranch-style Valhalla as you banquet beneath our trophy longhorns, take your time to look around, with US sports as well as Premier League and all the top football on our three big screens. There is no better place to eat, drink and chill than Bodean’s in Muswell Hill.


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