The apothecarist’s basement dwelling was hugely popular in Georgian times for those who sought medicines to cure their ailments. Unconventional remedies - crafted by his own invention - and prescribed only to the inquisitive, his elixirs became the talk o

With a different image and a different menu to the Botanist, the Beneath Bar is big, edgy and inspired by the darker side of botany – dead plants?

Perhaps this information on the bar’s website explains it a little more clearly: “Inspired by the rise of apothecary and the darker side of botany

“Prohibited by law, the operation of underground laboratories studying forbidden plant species, creating powerful antidotes that the righteous argued created more pain than relief.

“Beneath Bar, located in the heart of Bath, is where the lively gather to sip rare and curious elixirs. This is much more than a cocktail bar – this is a cocktail apothecary…”

Drinks on the cocktail menu include the One for the Rose, made using Lanique Spirit of the Rose; the Hell Fire of Wormwood, made with Absinthe; and the Elixir of Youth, which is made with Rosemary, Gine Mare and vermouth.


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