Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Here at The Basement late bar & club, we mix up alternative music & entertainment, cocktails & a happy vibe, to bring something that bit different to the Leicester scene. With soul, funk, electro swing, hip hop & reggae, burlesque and just about everything in between, we’ve got it going on. And because we are also available for private hire, you can host your own thing too.


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6 months ago

Costs £10 for entry even though advertised as £5 after 1am. Spent £33 for 3 drinks as well as entry, absolutely no one else here. Complete scam. £70 for an entry and a drink at 2am 🙄

Runhan Guo

6 months ago

total scam, we paid £10 each but the poster said £5 each after 1am on Friday, and drinks are extremely expensive like three rum&coke are £32 which is ridiculous. NEVER COME BACK AGAIN.

Connor Perks

7 months ago

Last Friday I went to basement for the first time and The bouncer thought he was tough because he had a face covering on and then proceeded to rob me of £30 out my wallet and bully others in the venue will not be returning (tall foreign skinny) is my description of him he shouldn’t be hard to find

Little Pimp

9 months ago

Worst club in Leicester. I didn’t know UK was racist until I went to this club at about 4am. Before heading in a girl warned us not to go there, cause they’re all racist POS. We didn’t believe them and went anyways. I was with my Albanian and two white friends. When we went downstairs, the maintenance and everything was low quality. The music was okay though. We went upstairs for a smoke, and the bouncer walks up to me and says, “I wanna have a little chat with you.” He escorted me to the exit and said that “some people” don’t feel comfortable with me being in there, they don’t want me around and he can’t tell me who cause it’s confidential. There’s so much more that happened after that, I can’t even begin to describe. Guy after girl, everyone was kicked out and I noticed that they were all POC, until there were only white people left in thr club. My friends joined me soon afterwards and we didn’t speak about it. One of them did say that he’d rather live in New York than in Leicester. I’ve never seen my friends feel so disgusted about anything, they were straight up disappointed. I wish I could just erase that memory I have about going to Basement.

Yvette Edmans

10 months ago

Had horrible experience at this nightclub, and not for the first time. Went to staff concerned about my friends drink getting spiked, and got belittled, looked down at, gaslight and completely disregarded. Even asked staff to simply acknowledge the fear and danger women go through on a night out, of which they blatantly disregarded and handed me a card to complain to. Whilst this was going on my friend was waiting for me outside the entrance making sure I was okay, to which within 2 minutes bouncers manhandled her, holding both hands behind her back and aggressively shoved her out the premises. Disgusted, not a safe place for women to go out in any way.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623