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Last nights quiz

Published on 19/09/2023

Alma, Sidcup, DA14

Last night was all about Mat’s Fun pub quiz, 🤩 the pot started at £1000 Which meant the winning team got a monetary amount for each question they got right, play your cards right was won with the pot going up to £39!

So the next quiz will be on Monday September the 25th at 8pm and the cards pot will be starting at £0.00, the quiz after that will be Monday the 9th of October, then we will be going fortnightly with the next quiz being Monday the 23rd of October and so on

Rock, paper, scissors, Spock and lizard, will it happen? Will it not? It didn’t lol

Mat was too busy trying to play songs without the first words being the answer of the countries, cities or towns etc 🤣🤣 and who thought my description clues of some of the logos was spot on 🤣🤩🕺🕺🕺

The winners were:
6th place, but they had to leave early, Jamie and Gav 🤩
5th place, Agatha Quiztie, they won a rummage each in the magic sack 🤩
4th place, Carlton collective, they won a shot each of Tony’s creation and also won the first line on bingo and won a doughnut 🤩
3rd place, Cunnilingus is like life, one slip of the tongue and your in 💩, they won best team name, they won the second line and full house on bingo and won £50 from the envelopes 🤩
2nd place, Slide down my dancing pole and they won a rummage each from the envelopes 🤩
1st place went to Poo, they went for the questions, wouldn’t you for £1000! and got all the way to question 6 and won £50! But not past it the question that got them was ‘since 2016 the periodic table has how many confirmed elements? They said a lot more than the answer which is….118’ 🤩there is always next week 🤩

So every other week from the 25th of September, the quiz start time is 8pm, £3 each and max team size of 6, do remember that the more you have on your team the better 🤩🤩 it does help if you book a table so we know how many will be coming 🤩 yes we have air con 🥶

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623