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Last Fridays quiz

Published on 09/03/2021

Last Fridays quiz

Last Friday night was all about Mat’s Online Fun Pub Quiz 🤩🤩🤩 #LA!

The winners were: (Sharon turned up late again lol)
17th place, Helen & Lee and won a case of slimline tonic 🤩
16th place, down 7 places Gina & Dan 🤩
15th place, Up one place for Cheryl & Pete 🤩
14th place, maintaining this position for a second week, Sarah 🤩
13th place, Martin & Peter 🤩
12th place, Up one place for Heather 🤩
11th place, Steve & Ruth 🤩
10th place, Lil Jean 🤩
9th place, Louise & Jim who won the Coldplay album and a MOJO cd 🤩
8th place, Down one place for Marilyn & Kevin and won the wild geese DVD and the platinum collection of 20 great number 1 hits 🤩
7th place, Up a place for Trevor & Fran and won the housework cd that was kindly donated back by Louise & Jim from last week 🤩
6th place, Up a few places for Anetta & Dave and won the cracker DVD and a MOJO cd 🤣🤩
5th place, up a place for Nick & Lou won another 2 of the 1783 branded glasses 🤣🤩
4th place, down one place for Donna & Colin and won the Fortnum & Mason dark chocolate caviar tin refilled with jelly beans 🤩
3rd place, maintaining this position is Phil & Laura who won coke glasses x 4 🤩🤩
2nd place, Brian! And won the ‘Are you being served’ movie on VHS that was kindly donated back by the Whiting’s 🤣🤩🤩
1st place goes to Dawn, Chris, Grace & Fern and they won a cd from Steve Brooksteins wife Eileen and a MOJO cd ❤️❤️🤩🤩

Well done to you all 🤩🤩🤩🤩, your prizes can be collected now, more so the drinks, just message us and say when and I will dettol and bag them up ready for you 🤩🤩 if you want to donate them back to be given away the following week just let us know 🥰 also happy to drop them off to you if you’re in Sidcup 🤩

Next weeks quiz will be Friday at 7:30pm, everyone is invited, more the merrier, tell your friends 🤩🤩

Stay safe everyone and see you all on Friday 🤩🤩🤩

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