Pubs Owned by Famous Faces

Forget perfumes and clothing lines, pubs is where it's at for these celebrity endeavours!

Gareth Bale once said it was his dream to open a sports bar in his home town of Cardiff, and he succeeded in doing so with Elevens Bar and Grill. Not the only one with a passion for beer and pub culture, Guy Ritchie added Lore of the Land to his portfolio in 2018. While Ed Sheeran is the latest to invest in hospitality, opening Bertie Blossoms in 2020, with a nod to his wife in the name.

Rick Astley even has his own beer brewed at Mikkeller, whereas Idris Elba is more of a wine guy, boasting of a prestige selection for his brand Porte Noire. As Sir Ian McKellen delves into the history of his pub The Grapes, it's not the only historic venue on our list, as James Blunt can regularly be caught pouring pints at The Fox and Pheasant, originally founded in 1846.

Jade Thirlwall can often be seen at bar Arbeia, and although not owned by singer Sam Fender, his Brit awards are proudly on display as hand pumps at the Low Lights Tavern.

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