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FANZO’s World Cup Fanzones

At FANZO, we believe that sport is only truly lived if it’s shared. What better example of this is there than the World Cup? A truly global event that captures the hearts and minds of billions. That’s why we wanted to do something special for the first-ever winter World Cup.

Step forward, our Fanzones. We scoured the entire of London for the very best place to watch every single one of the competing nations at the tournament – with all making the cut via incredibly unique reasons.

Be it Moo Cantina, the home of Argentinian sport in the city for decades now, Salsa Bar, a 500-person venue hired out by a French ex-pat group for the World Cup or The Fulham Kitchen, a Serbian-owned establishment that regularly welcomes all the top Serbs playing in the Premier League through their front doors. No matter who you support we have the perfect sports bar or pub for you.

32 nations, 32 Fanzones – the ultimate World Cup experience in London, find them all here >>> https://bit.ly/FanzoFanzones