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  • Airman

    Hanworth Road, Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 5AX

    Airman in Hanworth Park has a beer garden. The pub has a car park, it has disabled facilities. Airman has an outside area. The pub has a smoking area, it has free WiFi. Airman has a dart board. The pub holds Poker Nights, it has a pool table. Airman has a big screen. The pub shows football on TV, it has Sky Sports. Airman has terrestrial TV.

    • Beer garden
    • Car park
    • Disabled facilities
    • Outside area
    • Smoking area
    • WiFi free
    • Dart board
    • Poker Nights
    • Pool table
    • Big screen
    • Football
    • Sky Sports
    • Terrestrial TV
    23/08/2011 Great local pub
    • 4.0
    — A great local but a bit shabby on the inside, but this is more than made up for by the welcome and the good atmosphere.
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  • Moon On The Square

    30 The Centre, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 4AU
    Moon On The Square

    Moon On The Square in Feltham has disabled facilities. The pub is a family friendly pub, it serves food. Moon On The Square serves real ale. The pub has free WiFi, it shows football on TV. Moon On The Square has terrestrial TV. The pub is a member of Cask Marque.

    • Disabled facilities
    • Family friendly
    • Food
    • Real ale
    • WiFi free
    • Football
    • Terrestrial TV
    • Cask Marque members
    15/06/2012 Heineken
    • 2.0
    — Longish wait for the middle of the day.
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    23/08/2011 White wine
    • 5.0
    — A Good Town Centre Pub
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