The Publican Party – Election 2015

Speculation continues to grow that the UK pub trade looks set to launch their own political party at the eleventh hour. With the closest election forecast in years, it looks like no single party will be able to claim a clear majority, leaving the balance of power in the hands of what might be a tiny minority of MPs.

Stella Foster, who is spearheading the initiative to launch The Publican Party, has been quoted as saying, “We all know that your local licensee loves a bit of politics. This is an opportunity to put that to the test in the most real way imaginable.”

“The hope is that even a handful of licensee MPs could end up in government, with a deal to be done on beer duty and the price of supermarket booze. The Publican Party’s manifesto believes that this will ultimately be good for pubs, pub lovers and the economy as a whole.”

David Cameron was the first to break cover on the rumors. He is believed to be considering a 10 pence cut in the price of a pint, with a 20 pence reduction in cider duty on days when the temperature hits 20 degrees.

Ed Miliband was unavailable for comment on the PM’s wooing tactics, although he is thought to be putting the finishing touches to his own "Free Play Jukebox" initiative.

Published on 01/04/2015

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The Publican Party – Election 2015