Online Payment Goes Live

    UseYourLocal today announced that pubs and clubs can now join and pay online themselves using any major debit or credit card.

    For just £50+VAT a year pubs & clubs can register themselves online and get:

    • Their own website
    • A Point of Sale kit to get consumers to join their outlet online
    • The ability to email news & offers directly to their locals
    • The option to let customers have parcels delivered to their outlet

    Commenting on the new service Stuart Mills said, "We're always looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for pubs and clubs across the UK to join and benefit from being a member of UseYourLocal, and with more and more outlets joining every day this makes life easier for everyone."

    If you're a licensee and want to join just go to




    Published on 27/05/2009

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    Online Payment Goes Live

    We like PubAid!

    Recently launched, PubAid collates information provided by licensees about all the great charitable work that they do day in day out across the country. The PubAid team will then put together regular "good news" press releases and information bulletins, to counteract some of the negativity that the pub industry receives.

    If you know of a pub that does great work for charity then please be sure to get them to let the PubAid team know about it at


    Published on 26/05/2009

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    We like PubAid!

    Pub is the Hub

    UseYourLocal has today teamed up with Pub is the Hub to promote each other's business to the UK on-trade. Commenting on the tie-up, John Longden, Director of Pub is the Hub said, "With both organisations wholly focussed on how best to support pubs and clubs across the UK it is absolutely right, particularly in these testing times, that we should all be helping each other wherever possible." For more infomation just go to

    Published on 23/03/2009

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    Pub is the Hub

    First Parcel Success!

    This morning, the first ever parcel to be registered using was successfully collected by UseYourLocal's founder, Stuart Mills, from the Beresford Arms in Whalton. Ian Makepeace, the landlord of Whalton's village pub was over the moon. "It really couldn't have been any easier," he said. "To be able to offer a service that is of such real use to people and to get more customers coming into our pub more often is going to be fantastic. It really is a great idea."

    On collecting the parcel Stuart was also thrilled, "It has taken us just over a year to get to this point and to see it actually working and to see how easy and useful it is for everyone is just great."

    With more pubs & clubs across the UK planned to register over the next few months everyone is looking forward to making this accessible to more and more people across the country.


    Published on 12/03/2009

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    First Parcel Success! goes LIVE

    Today UseYourLocal's website has officially gone live. We're now open for business and asking UK consumers to join their favourite pubs and clubs online at so they can:

    • Send parcels to people via other registered outlets
    • Receive news, offers and updates directly from their favourite locals
    • See other people who have joined their local online

    Commenting on the launch, Stuart Mills, founder of UseYourLocal said, "This is a very exciting day in the history of our new business. Everything is now in place and we believe we have an exciting & innovative solution to help the UK's pubs & clubs get more people off their sofas and into their locals. We are now raring to go and the job of getting pubs, clubs and consumers alike to join can now really begin."


    Published on 09/03/2009

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    UseYourLocal supports Axe The Beer Tax campaign