Pubs darts? Nein!

Angela Merkel has made a surprise early morning call to Prime Minister, David Cameron, insisting that he supports a European wide ban on playing darts in under insured public places. It is understood that the ban will include Britain's pubs which have no dangerous sports insurance in place.

MEP's in Brussels are said to be concerned at the number of recent "near misses" where people could have been injured as a result of inexperienced darts players being unable to hit the board with certainty.

The UK government, who are not keen to rock the boat further with the Germans, are known to be actively looking at several options. Phil "The Power" Taylor has been looking at the feasibility of moving the professional game to either magnetic or velcro boards.

Commenting on the rumours, Tom Nicholls of the White Lion, in Dartford said, "This is health and safety gone mad. Whatever next, pool balls made of foam?"

Published on 01/04/2014

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Pubs darts? Nein!