Our World

We love pubs! In our ideal world, pubs would be at the heart of every community, offering locals the very best food, drink, events and services. Sadly, up to 25 pubs are still closing every week and the great British pub will die as an institution if we all do nothing. We want to do everything we can to reverse destiny and make pubs thrive. So, we’ve created an online world where pubs can tell you what they offer, from their opening hours to local news and offers, from whether they've got free WiFi to how good a pub it is to watch sport. This means you can then find great pubs to visit at the click of a button when you're at work, at home or out and about on your mobile. You can even send parcels to your local pub using our unique parcels-to-pubs service (helping you avoid those Saturday morning queues at the Post Office!), and read all about the very latest news and pub chat on the useyourlocal.com/blog.

Sound good? It’s not enough - if pubs are going to reinstate themselves at the heart of local communities, they need to be even better at what they do and the only way that can happen is if you advise them on what they do brilliantly and areas that can be improved. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the big drinks companies and pub operators, from Heineken to Guinness and Coke, from Smirnoff to Strongbow. They're working with us to help make it as easy as possible to give direct feedback on your trips to your local pub. Whenever you review a pub or review a drink your feedback goes directly to these companies who are committed to doing something about what you say. It takes less than a minute so please get scoring and help us save British pubs!

Let's make every pub as good as the very best British pub.