Licensee Q&A’s

How easy is it to join?

Very. Simply sign up now online and you’re away.

How much does it cost?

It’s just £100 + VAT a year.

What do I get for my £100 + VAT?

To find out why it's the bargain of the century, and to sign up once you agree, just click here.

How do I send emails to my customers?

Once your locals have "joined" you online you will be able to email them simply by logging into your account - easy!

What if I don’t want someone to register as a customer?

Just like in your outlet, if there’s someone you’d rather not have associated with your establishment you can choose to bar them online if they register.

What else do I need?

Not an awful lot. Just a computer that’s online (preferably broadband) is enough to get you started.

Questions your customers might ask

How much does it cost me?

Not a bean. It’s FREE for customers to register with UseYourLocal.

So what do I get?

You can register to receive news and offers from some or all of your favourite locals. You’ll also be able to see who else has joined.

Questions answered