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  • Crown & Greyhound

    73 Dulwich Village, Southwark, London, SE21 7BJ
    Crown & Greyhound

    The Crown & Greyhound is an iconic South London pub, ahead of the game in providing the perfect setting for a unique and memorable drinking and dining experience.

    11/04/2011 Amazing pub, Going to go there from now on
    • 5.0
    — I love this pub, great food, great atmosphere and I loved been here. im definitely going to go back there again and again. The food is the best bit, really high standards and good portions size, so delicious everything on the menu was delicious, I felt like a king with the standard of food set by the chef.
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    07/12/2010 Gin & Tonic
    • 4.0
    — Great drink to have anytime
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  • Junction Tavern

    101 Fortess Road, Camden, London, NW5 1AG
    Junction Tavern

    The Junction Tavern is an imposing Victorian building in the heart of North London. Dating back to 1885, the main bar and dining room reflects its late Victorian heyday, but with all the modern comfort and facilities of a great British pub.

    13/09/2012 Leffe
    • 5.0
    — Great friendly pub
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  • Lord Nelson

    Hale Road, Bradenham, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7RA
    Lord Nelson

    Its a wonderful little country pub, Great people, Great Locals. They specialize in Real Ales, Ciders and Lager.

    17/08/2013 Quaint, very nice fantasic view well worth visit,
    • 5.0
    — Great selection of beer and cider for any pub, if you like visiting random pubs add this to your must do's !
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    06/01/2013 Someone needs to speak up.
    • 5.0
    — I'm sorry but who are you Mr or Mrs Anonymous. Katie and Sherry's attitude might be to just ignore you and not get dragged in your childish post but I'm a local and will not stand for someone deciding to make a blatant derogatory and incorrect statement against my local. Firstly it has been open well over a year, where have you been and secondly if you talk to anyone who was at opening night their was loads of snacks etc. As for time if you actually visited you would have known the pub that was here before and the state it was in. The owners had to totally gut the pub and start again with a total internal renovation which the owners have done themselves. Something with a true local would know. You speak like you know something but your not prepared to put your name to it huh. People like you are a waist of space and ruin the idea behind websites like this. And as one of the locals pointed out the other day whilst some of the real locals where discussing you and your post. What does it have to do with you. One its their choice how they decorate the place and we the locals love it. At the end of the day you don't like it, you think you can do it better why don't you go buy it i'm sure for the right price they will sell it to you. I dare you to put your money where your mouth is. On the other hand if you are to cowardly to actually do it yourself. Why don't you roll back under the 'Anonymous' rock you came. I am sorry Katie and Sherry and everybody at the Nelson that you have to put up with idiots like this. You are doing a wonderful job and we your local and people who travel miles just to drink in the nelson and call it our local. We love everything you have done and respect all the hard work you have put in. The kitchens are looking fantastic thank you ever so much for doing a quick guided to for us all to show how work is progressing. On a more personal note thanks for all your tech support over the last couple of months. You have helped me so much but have never asked for anything in return. So the least i can do is thank you here publicly. Lots of Love Clara xx
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    22/12/2012 A total disappointment
    • 2.0
    — The villagers of Bradenham deserve a good pub. Instead, they got a shambles. After many hollow promises, the pub opened over a year later than planned, reflecting the total lack of business acumen/organizational skills of the owners. On the 'opening night' they didn't even put a bowl of peanuts out to welcome the frustrated locals. The pub itself is spartan, cold and completely lacking in character. There are no soft furnishing, so the acoustics are awful. The place is so bright its like sitting in a dentists waiting room. The previous reviewer is correct in saying that the owners are a family. They are completely lacking in hospitality skills, don't know how to give a warm welcome and are rude in their inattentiveness to customers. To top it all, they seem to have delusions of grandeur, constantly making promises that they do not have the will/expertise to deliver.They have been through the charade of asking for suggestions, but then consequently ignore them. Unfortunately for Bradenham, they own the pub. If they were working for a brewery, I'm convinced they would have been sacked months ago. I can honestly say that I've not met anybody in the village who has a good word to say about this pub. In response to an earlier posting, the only good thing to say about the car park is that it is always empty. The owners need to either do some proper research into how to run a successful pub or sell up.
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1 - 4 of 4 Results