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There's a fly in mine.

Pretty ropey.

Nothing to write home about.

Good drink.

Perfect pint.


Why Overall is important

We love a good drink as much as we love a good pub, but what is the overall verdict on your local's drinks? Do they disappoint or do they hit the spot? Send us your reviews and we'll feed them straight back to your landlord and the drinks companies who supply them.

"On more than three occasions in the last month I have had to request that my pint be topped up to a full measure. The same number of times I have had to ask for the beer to be replaced as it was obviously off, and on half a dozen occasions I have simply left my dodgy pint unfinished and slunk off in search of better watering hole. My brother, who knows his beer, recently reported a stand off at a pub in Soho when the landlord simply refused to replace a pint that both he and his drinking companion knew to be off. They simply walked out, promising never to return. I'm sure this scenario is being replicated all over the country." Taken from 'Pull the other one' by Simon Majumadar, The Guardian, 5th August 2009. 

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