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What Glassware means to us

Terrible Poor Average Good Excellent

Greasy thumbprints with a touch of lipstick!

Just lipstick marks.


Right shape of glass, nice and clean.

Sparkling crystal.


Why Glassware is important

Whether you are sipping a cold pint of Duvel from the perfect tulip glass, a round-bodied red from a crystal goblet or a Coke from a chipped and grubby tumbler, glassware can make or break your pub experience. Rate your pub's offerings here.

"Do not underestimate the positive effect that clean, undamaged, branded, properly handled glassware can have...Beer correctly "lacing" its head down the glasses as it is drunk is a good sign. Sparkling clean glassware will hold the beer's head, deliver the bubbles to the correct place in the glass and at the correct speed.

How many customers get to drink from the lips of glasses that have just been handled by a member of the bar staff? It does not bear thinking about."

An extract from the article "Glassware and Glasswashers" published in the Morning Advertiser in 2003. 

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