Bulmers Vintage Reserve

Bulmers has been making cider in Hereford, England since 1887 - that's 5 generations of expertise in every single drop.

The first drop of Bulmers cider was pressed by 20 year old Percy Bulmer using apples from the orchard at his father's rectory and an old stone press from the farm next door. 

Fred, Percy's elder brother, soon joined the family cider business from King's College, Cambridge after turning down the job as tutor for the King of Siam's children. He left the position open for a lady called Anna, which must have been fate, because the true story of Anna later inspired the musical 'The King and I'.

The Bulmer brothers borrowed £1000 from their father and bought an 8 acre field just outside the city walls where they lay the foundations for their first cider mill and their future fortune. It was a fruitful investment, because in 1911, Bulmers was granted the Royal Warrant and continues proudly today as cider maker to Her Majesty, the Queen.

Nowadays Bulmers is the largest cider maker in the World, making a range of tasty ciders that are enjoyed all around the World.

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